Panther Moon is one of the famous MEGA888 slot games. You can go through Mega888 download and install the panther moon slot. It is most of the slot gamer favorite. Besides, it has a higher chance to hit jackpot compare to other slot games. Panther Moon also featured a lot of free spin bonuses and rewards. This is why most slot players are in love with this slot game!

Introduction Of Panther Moon Slot

Pather Moon is themed with a black panther in the jungle. The idea of the slot game is to let the player go on ventures in the jungle, just like the black panther. Besides, this slot game is suitable for the player who likes to have an interesting adventure. Be sure to be nice with these cats, whenever you bit 5 panther symbol in a row, you are back with the big jackpot!

Players can start with as low as $0.01 coin as the minimum bet per line. By increasing the bet from $0.50 to $2.00 to have more winning rate. The maximum per round is $300. If you are interested to hit the jackpot in this game, you’ll have to take this note down. It is worth 10,000 jackpot only for one coin play. If you are going at its max, there will be around 100,000 coins as your winning reward. What’s more, the symbol also comes with one additional feature. It can boost your wins and get a double payout with any wins with the wild symbol.